Top 5 popular materials used in restaurant and cafe design

1.Marble Slab

Natural stone is often used as countertop, wall cladding, or flooring. Marble slabs for bathroom walls and counters can help mount the natural feel of the interior throughout the customer experience. In addition, the brightly colored stones also help to brighten the room and bring a shiny effect. In particular, depending on the stone pattern, it also increases the aesthetics of your restaurant.

2. Blackened steel

For many restaurants, metal is crucial. Blackênd steel gives a very natural contrast to the softer touch of the wood. Steel can be used for walls or tables and also for specific accents such as kitchen cabinet lights or hardware.

3. Concrete

Concrete is one of the most popular building materials. It is mainly used as a base, but can also be used as an attractive and sturdy finishing material. It seems that it will be very rough in the design of restaurants, cafes. However, the exposed concrete material shows distinct rusticness and natural durability. It can also be used as a bar counter or a bench seat.

4. Glass

Glass is increasingly popular in the interior. It can be used in ways that not only add a unique aesthetics but also create layered transparency that matches the lighting and feels like space is expanding. Be it on the tabletop, surrounding cabinets or windows, transparent glass to help customers see through the bakery, or widen the customers’ view to nature outside.

5. Wood

Wood – the most natural and unique material. The color and texture of the wood are never exactly the same, making it interesting for the material itself. Warm in winter and cool in the summer, wood is made use of the floors, tables, chairs, bars, pillars to doors, and walls. Wood material is durable and easy to apply in many styles.


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