Scent in restaurants – Scent marketing

The scent, associated with the part of the brain that controls memory and emotions, can evoke a variety of feelings. So, it is a smart and subtle strategy when a restaurant or cafe uses scent to create a certain impression on their customers.

This even has its own term, “Scent Marketing”. In the restaurant industry, scent marketing can be used in various ways. It could be to increase sales or highlight a certain product.

For example, a bakery intentionally places an oven in front of the store so that the aroma of freshly baked bread can spread to potential customers. Or cafes will always keep the smell of coffee in the air to eliminate any food odors and remind customers to buy coffee.

Or just keep the spaces clean, smell pleasant, especially in the bathroom or the bar.

Make every serving look like the first date: take advantage of the scent to make a deep impression and build lasting relationships with customers.

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