Lighting in interior design: Natural or artificial?

Light is the main element that helps express the aesthetic intention and decide the emotions for the interior space.
However, in interior design as well as photography, any image that is burned out, underexposed, or improperly illuminated will lose the artistry and not be able to express the intention of the photographer.
Natural or artificial light?
How bright is enough?
How to highlight your room?
Let Delicate Decor answer for you.
Natural light connects and creates a harmony between indoor and outdoor spaces.
From time to time, natural light will change its direction, color, and intensity, thereby creates different impacts on the interior and human emotions. Therefore, natural light is difficult to control and needs to be studied meticulously to avoid inconvenience in daily life while still remain a source of relaxation and purification for people inside the room: remember to avoid the kitchen, bedroom, and large volume objects,…

Artificial light, unlike the other, can be adjusted at will, regardless of position or level. This makes artificial light more important and appreciated, especially as there are more modern technologies.

Where natural light cannot reach, lamps will shine; where decorative items need to stand out, chandeliers will illuminate, …

When you need to be awake, creative, and relaxed, natural light helps the room become serene, bright and harmonious.
When you need to focus or have specific intentions or purposes, artificial lighting is a great answer no matter during the day or night.
Therefore, interior design needs to have the calculation and harmony between these two types of lighting to get the best effects both aesthetically and emotionally.
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