How to decide interior design for restaurants and cafes 2021

It is no coincidence that the reviews of restaurants and cafes have a section describing the space of the restaurant. It can be seen that the restaurant’s interior has a great influence on the experience of using products and services at the restaurant.

Do you intend to open your own restaurant or cafe? Do you want to rebuild your restaurant’s interior?

Let Delicate suggest 4 easy steps when planning your restaurant’s interior design.

  1. Specify your target customers

Not only will it intelligently shape your menu, but also help you define the right restaurant style.

When it comes to customer research, you can refer to one of the following factors:

  • Geographical: Usually where a restaurant appears, the customers in that area are your target of serving and attracting.
  • According to anthropology: Through age, gender, family size, business, job, income, you can list common characteristics among customers and choose styles that match the characteristics.
  • According to customer psychology: Grouping customers based on their social class, preferences, habits, consumer behaviors will help you define your target audience and how to serve them.

Target customer là gì và cách xác định khách hàng mục tiêu

2. Choose your restaurant style

Once the target customer file has been identified as a guide for future activities, study the key styles that match the criteria of this target group.

Nowadays, the design styles are really diverse, business owners can refer from popular styles or be inspired by favorite movies and images. For restaurants, business owners can refer to Japanese, Chinese or traditional Vietnamese style.

Cafe design can be even more varied such as vintage, natural, retro, minimalist.

Depending on your location, target audience, and business model, find a suitable design trend that is both aesthetic, impressive and enhances the experience of using the product at the restaurant.

3. Plan your budget

Opening a new restaurant or cafe will cost you plenty of money. Business owners need to plan the budget for their restaurant design to avoid pressure from overspending.

4. Select your design and construction company

This is a huge long-term investment, so business owners should find reputable, enthusiastic, and sincere companies to hand over their projects.

DELICATE DECOR is the solution for Service Industry Design. Delicate provides both design and construction services for projects. With years of experience working with major partners from both domestic and foreign countries in all provinces of Vietnam and design criteria of sustainability, savings, for people and the environment, Delicate confidently provides customers with quality works and absolute satisfaction.

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