How to choose colors for restaurant business

The right color is the top selection criterion for F&B restaurants. For customers, the color of the restaurant always affects the deliciousness of the meal and stimulates buying. Each restaurant should choose the main color theme according to the style of the owner or according to the potential customers that the restaurant targets. It is very important to sketch a customer portrait and shape the business character to choose the main color. So let Delicate “check-in” the colors that best suit F&B restaurants:

Blue and purple:

Blue always creates harmony with nature, a sympathy for the restaurant, and feels fresh and full of vitality. Meanwhile, purple brings a mystery that makes people feel like exploring. However, according to many studies from customers, blue and purple colors bring anorexia, so it is often applied to restaurants that focus on beverages.


Symbolizing the color of trees, green always brings a separate natural beauty. Restaurants often use green color to create a comfortable and pleasant space, avoiding the urgency that tight spaces bring. At the same time, green also creates a pleasant atmosphere, suitable for restaurants pursuing the “Green” style.


The pale yellow color stretching to the nude color is always appreciated by shop owners and diners. This color represents simplicity in design. At the same time, for small spaces, it creates warmth and closeness to customers. The shop owner can choose a special interior design or highlight in the decoration to make the space more prominent.


This is the tone that is evaluated to stimulate the eating spirit of customers. For fast-food brands, red is very popular because it also stimulates the speed of eating of customers like KFC. Lotteria,… For large restaurants, dark red is also preferred, especially for restaurants that serve mainly at night. Red color brings a cozy, intimate space than other colors.

White – beige:

Restaurants with small spaces often use bright colors as the main theme. This color tone represents simplicity and airiness, creating a spacious and fresh space. These colors imply purity, cleanliness, modern feel, but the owners need to keep in mind that if the white color dominates almost 99% of the space, it will make customers feel cold, insecure, and even bored.

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