Beautiful and convenient bar counter location setup for your cafe

The cafe’s bar counter is where most customers pass by. Usually, the bar counter will be integrated with the cashier, so it is one of the places that customers first notice when arriving at the shop and look at last before leaving. So how to place a cafe bar counter to create a highlight for your coffee shop and make use of the space? Let Delicate Decor give you some suggestions.

1. Next to the entrance to the cafe:

This location is very popular in coffee shop architectural design. Customers who step into the shop will be attracted to the bar as a reminder to order drinks here and not to forget to pay when leaving. This location will help customers and shop staff save time communicating, ordering as well as paying.

2. At the center of the shop:

The bar set up here is often integrated with additional seating at the counter for customers who just want to sit down, have a chit chat or go alone. This placement will help increase the interaction between the bartender and the customers. They can observe how the bartender makes drinks and the bar can confidently advertise the quality of its ingredients and preparation for serving. What if a drink at the counter can be the opening for lovely little talks between the bartender and the customer?

3. Under the stairs:

This location is especially for cafes with 2 floors or more. The use of the empty area under the stairs will help save space effectively as long as the bartender zone is still well guaranteed.

4. At the end of the shop:

The location at the end of the store will be a delicate choice for your cafe. It is private, so you can quickly wrap everything up when the bar is unfortunately in a mess. This location is usually separate from the customers’ area so the bartender will focus more on their work and customers will not be disturbed by the noise at the counter or obstructed at the aisle.

Quầy bar đặt ở cuối quán

With different features of each coffee shop, the setup of the bar is different. Why not immediately contact Delicate Decor for a free consultation for your brand!


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