2020 – Delicate Decor breaks out to lead.

2020 is a difficult year for many people. However, Delicate Decor always rises strongly, along with developers who seize opportunities when others are asleep.
Despite many challenges, we still give our partners the quintessence of design, efforts to always successfully complete the project and hand it over earlier than expected.
In 2020, DelicateDecor has brought its colors from North to South with proud works. We did not only satisfy the fastidious customers but also beautified the land we passed, enchanted the charismatic world, enchanted beauty lovers.
Once again Sincerely thanks to the partners for your trust!
Let Delicate Decor make your dreams come true in 2021!
Projects inspired by DelicateDecor 2020:
– BreadFactory
– Foglian Coffee
– Maxx Coffee
– Ranger Coffee
DELICATE – Solution to Service industry design
📱 Holine: 0918,696,698
🏢 Location: 4th Floor, 31 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Hanoi.
📧 Email: delicatedecor.vn@gmail.com

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