Delicate Decor


As an interior design company, we are very concerned about the working space for our employees. Not only quality assurance for customers, Delicate also attaches great importance to creating a smart work environment, inspiring creativity and contributing to increased productivity of all parts, while not feeling pressure, frustration for the staff.

Smart and creative working office

  • Light: Like a cup of coffee that awakens the energy of the day and maintains the working spirit of the staff throughout the day.
  • Green trees: The calming green color of nature will help to purify the room and calm the architects’ spirit when stressed.
  • The smart and rational office arrangement helps each employee to have a private workspace but at the same time increases the cohesion between departments and between individuals, ensuring a scientific and smooth working process. .
  • The rest and entertainment areas help employees take a break after the focused work.

Safety assurance factory

  • Tools and production processes are guaranteed to be safe according to regulations.
  • The resting and working areas are separate to avoid affecting the morale and working quality of workers.
  • Manufacturing facilities are operated and supervised by the technical department throughout the works, so that the finished products comply with the required quality.