Foglian Coffee – Tay Son, Hanoi


With the concept of building a green, eco-friendly cafe, Delicate has designed one that meets all the criteria and creates an extremely attractive space. Foglian brings an unexpected impression with the green tree ecosystem, creating a relaxing and cool space.
Not only that, the way of installing glass doors to use natural light always helps Foglian look fresh and full of energy. Understanding customers’ psychology, Delicate creates many professional photography angles with surprisingly shimmering lights.
The furniture is arranged harmoniously, takes full advantage of the space, and alternates many types of sofas for group customers. Foglian Tay Son is extremely suitable for learning and working purposes with full lighting, a reading corner with diverse bookcases, and rows of tables for effective group study.
Foglian has now officially opened and received good feedback from customers about green spaces and is especially attractive.
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