Bread Factory – C5 D’Capitale Tran Duy Hung – Hanoi

Bread Factory – C5 D’Capitale Tran Duy Hung – Hanoi
Before and after completion.
A beautiful project in the collection of
For a store that specializes in fresh bread like Bread Factory, a cozy, comfortable, and luxurious space is of utmost importance.
Delicate Decor has cleverly used a close design to optimize usability, making it easy to manage products quickly.
The interior is luxurious, streamlined, spacious, and comfortable. The store is designed to contain as many seats as possible while still ensuring privacy for customers.
Harmonious color, the same tone with fresh cakes.
Directly hit customers’ emotions, making them feel more comfortable, positive, and appetizing.
At Delicate Decor, even when it comes to the smallest details, everything is done thoughtfully, carefully, meticulously and with the deepest business philosophy.
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