Delicate Decor


Delicate Decor Joint Stock Company, formerly known as Gia Minh Construction Trading and Production Joint Stock Company, was established on December 30th, 2015 in Hanoi. With a team of highly qualified architects and engineers working professionally, Delicate Decor is proud to be a leader in providing the best solutions for your brand.
Over 5 years of operation and development, we have been honored to become a partner of famous domestic and foreign brands. In each field, we are proud to bring customers the best products and services with professional style, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of customers in promoting their name in the market.
  • National Architecture Awards Archives 2018
  • Green Design Competition 2019
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Delicate Decor


We serve customers and partners in key industry segments:

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Fashion and Cosmetics
Bao gồm cả mỹ phẩm, spa...như: Inglot, SK-II, Kiehls

Delicate Decor


We bring creativity, uniqueness;

Attention to sustainable values for people and the environment;

A team of architects, engineers are highly qualified and work professionally

Health awareness
The solutions are all aimed at bringing a fresh and friendly living environment ...
Performance optimization
We take advantage of the values of the space
The plants are carefully researched, based on the following properties: aesthetic, biological ...
Friendly materials
Applying the latest and most modern material technology ...
Energy saving
Optimized spaces with carefully calculated energy solutions ...

Delicate Decor


Delicate Decor